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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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get up there it will be gorgeous. winter storm warning not until four clock a.m. friday and goes until four a clock p.m. -- four clock p.m. on saturday. the bulk of it will be above 3000. one to 3 feet in the higher elevations. current conditions 38, i believe that is jupiter. if that's wrong you can let me know. 46 in the warm section, clear, and a great time. 30s on the thames in santa rosa, napa 35, walnut creek 34,
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denville 35. cold for some and some pockets of fog. rain city down in southern california, southern nevada into arizona. you will encounter rain if you're headed down there. 50s and 60s on those temps today. we continue to follow the morning commute on thursday. it seems almost like a normal but there are some spots that are lighter. this is a look at the bay bridge, it's pretty crowded. we don't have a lighter day. we might later on as we have every day this week. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge westbound 92 also looks good heading from 92 onto
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that san mateo bridge. the entire commute is not a bad one here as you drive in the east bay that definitely looks better than normal. let's go back to the desk. new this morning a woman escapes injury after her car went down an embankment in los gatos. the santa clara fire department in chp received a report about a car down the embankment off of highway 17. they were unable to find the car but 911 dispatchers were able to ping the drivers phone and locate her along skyline boulevard near a christmas tree farm. the driver was rescued from her car but then turned over to chp on suspicion of driving under the influence. a young homeless man is in the hospital after being burned in a fire along highway 87 in san jose. a ktvu crew saw the fire from the freeway near alma avenue about 3:30 am this morning. fire crews contain the fire
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within 30 minutes and no structures were damaged. the young man sustained burns on his hands and face the cause has not been determined. starting today some new use of force rules are in place are san francisco police officers. restrictions come after highly anticipated police commission meeting at city hall last night. ktvu's alex savidge will talk about the changes. >> this has been a contentious issue here for a long time. the issue has been debated for many months and last night the police commission clarified exactly how and when san francisco police officers can use deadly force and members of the commission made two major changes to the use of force policy during last nights meeting. members unanimously passed a measure that bans officers from shooting at moving cars unless
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there are exceptional circumstances. the police officers association had objected to the original proposal and demanded that that additional language be inserted into the policy. the union says officers need latitude when the public might be in danger and each shooting will be reviewed on a case-by- case basis.>> no policy can predict every situation. officers are expected to exercise sound judgment and critical decision-making when using force. also last night in a 4-3 vote they band of maneuver that's known as a cold hearted restraint it's a hold around the neck used to subdue someone who's been taken into custody. supporters of the maneuver say it's not the same as a chokehold. it's really ineffective tech need for female officers and smaller male officers and when it's done properly it's not lethal.>> is their situation where that hold resulted in an injury or fatality and that
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question has been posed into my knowledge it has knots.>> the police union has taken issue with the commission approving these new restrictions without authorizing alternative force options such as stun gun's. the union believes this could lead to more officer involved shootings. the police commission did not debate the stun gun's at last nights meeting in order to voted -- to avoid getting bogged down with the issue. they did approve those two major changes to the san francisco police department use of force policy and those changes take effect immediately. thank you. 6:05 is the time. the san francisco police officers association frustrated about the process for the new police chief. the mayor ed lee did not tell
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them ahead of time that he was picking los angeles deputy chief bill scott. the union chief had thrown in its support to tony chaplin. the union sent a message to his 2300 members accusing the mayor of picking the chief in secret and says he turned his bank -- is back on the rank-and-file. the san francisco police will mark the 10th anniversary of the fatal shooting of the officer he was shot on december 22 the officer he was shot on december 22, 2006. they were in pursuit of a suspect that escape from a correctional facility the suspect into the grudge of a home and opened fire when officers moved in. another officer returned fire killing the suspect. anyone who wishes to pay tribute to the officer that was killed can visit the police station tonight. city of oakland is still
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searching for their police chief. the city officials say the search will continue into 2017 oakland had three police chiefs the former chief resigned and two successors failed to hold on to that position. yesterday the mayor told us the city is on track to announce the selection of a new permanent chief of police after the new year the attorney john birth say it's a choice they should not rush. >> you need to get it right. you need to get this right this time this is one opportunity for the mayor's office to make a profound decision that will have a lasting impact.>> there's no word on who was on the shortlist candidate to take over the police department. a man wanted in connection with the brutal beating of his neighbor is in custody. we have been talking about this case. please tweeted that mark webber
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turned himself in. he is accused of severely beating his neighbor with a baseball bat two weeks ago. police say they were fighting because the neighbor was not picking up after his dog. officers called to the scene found the injured man inside his home. we have not received an update on the man's condition. starting tomorrow through january 2 cars will not be able to park in the parking lot at the golden gate bridge. the lot to the welcome center in vista him doesn't disappoint will not be allowed to park. the idea is to reduce the traffic pack -- backup that happened during holiday spirit taxis and ride sharing services will be allowed to pick up and drop off at the welcome center but not disappoint. starting on january 2 people caught parking in daily spots without pain will face a fine.
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the penalty increasing for drivers who park illegally in spaces that require special permits. they will face a $75 fine. that's up from $40. repeat offenders will pay heftier price. those who racket -- rack up five to nine finds will face larger fines. an international manhunt for persons -- four-person accused of driving a car into the christmas market. there could be more victims. coming up the south bay taxi driver arrested on charges of sexual assault.
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the berlin christmas market where 12 people were killed on monday reopened this morning. people have been coming by to light candles and lay flowers. police have installed concrete barriers. president-elect donald trump says what happened to germany proves his stance on terrorism and immigration our rights. >> this comes as a manhunt is widening for the tunisian man investigators say was driving the truck. what we're learning about all
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of this.>> good morning. the suspect is no stranger to law enforcement. we're learning that before he came to germany a year ago he had been serving a four-year prison sentence in elderly after burning down the school. german authorities also say previous to this attack they were well aware of him as well.>> as concrete security barriers are lowered onto berlin streets to protect the christmas market that was the side of so much carnage earlier this week and international dragnet is underway for anis amri the tunisian man suspected of driving the truck that ran over dozens of people killing 12. isis calls anis amri one of their soldiers. he turned up in germany last year . german officials had been secretly watching him for six months but eventually dropped the investigation when nothing turned up.>> president- elect donald trump was
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criticized during the campaign for his immigration stance and as calls for extreme vetting but now he says he's vindicated.>> i've been proven to be what -- to be right.>> the decision to allow immigrants has led to protests. >> europe pay -- faces an even bigger challenge because you have so many countries that have open borders you can travel so much freely.>> there are fears here in the u.s. where police are stepping up security at shopping malls and other crowded places including times square in new york city where 1 million people are expected to ring in the new year.>> no specific threat that there will be a lot of reinforcement in the christmas market and a lot of vigilance definitely another opportunity to say if you see something,
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say something.>> we just learned from the state department that 2us citizens are among the 48 individuals who were injured in the berlin truck attack. the names and details have not been released at this time 6:15. also new this morning kellyanne conway who is donald trump's campaign manager will be appointed counselor to the president. that's according to an announcement from the transition team. she will continue her role as a close advisor to the president becoming the highest ranking woman in his white house administration. she will also work with senior leadership to execute the administrations legislative priorities. former golden state warriors start tim hardaway eligible for the nba heart of -- hall of fame. he was drafted in 1989 along with hall of famers mitch richmond and -- he averaged 17
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points per game and 8.2 assists. he is currently in assisting coach for the detroit pistons. he is fallen short three other times on the hall of fame ballot perhaps this is his ear. some first-time nominees include than mcgrady, ben wallace. he's 5 foot he's 5'3" and he could dunk.>> the induction ceremony will be in september at the hall of fame in springfield massachusetts. we are hearing about some sort of situation at the oakland airport. >> a plane came into the airport and the first thing i want to say is this plane had hydraulic problems but he did just land at the airport without any incidents but when
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it was coming in they mobilize oakland fire department to a yellow alert. they came out to the airport just in case. as soon as the plane landed the fire crews were released and one of the things we know it is that at this time of mourning the only planes that land at the airport our core group are -- our cargo flights. that plaintiff lanes safely at oakland international airport. fire companies were released 15 minutes ago and no one was injured. let's go to interstate let's go to interstate 880 and talk about the commute traffic is moving along very well right here in front of the oakland airport. it looks good south bound a north bound as you drive past the coliseum. also looking at the commute at the bay bridge toll plaza which looks shockingly normal. traffic is moving along slowly 10 to 15 minute wait.
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the other commutes around the bay area do not look quite as heavy usually we see a lot of red on these maps but we don't see a lot. a couple spots but for the most part things are lighter than usual.@6:18 steve, we were just talking about run dmc. >> i remember it like it was yesterday.>> yes. it seems like yesterday. >> it was early 90s. >> was about long ago. thank you. we do have a little fog mainly its clear and cold. we have some low 30s and maybe a couple of her 20s if you have to travel, today is the best day between now and early saturday. if you can. snow in win and winter storm warning kicks in at four clock a.m. on friday and goes until four clock p.m. on saturday.
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higher peaks could measure one to 3 feet. if you have to go friday, friday morning the looks like when things go haywire. today we are all rights. 31, 37 paul also, napa airport 35. a rather strong upper low has moved into southern california, southern nevada and arizona and it is raining. on the desert and into las vegas. the rain will kick out tomorrow but today's rain day there. after that there is a little bit of snow in the northeast and also in the pacific northwest that is the main weather maker.
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temperatures 20s and 30s but not as brutally cold as it was on monday when they had winchell's of dirty below or at the great lakes. 30s for many of the north. 31 in grading, nevada 38, point range 38. 30 and trekkie, -- trekkie. a colder system and more of them rain event looks like the morning commute could be dicey and little better by the evening. extremely cold air coming in that will keep the snow going at low elevations as we head towards early saturday by late saturday it will be out of here by sunday looks dry with cold upper 40s. 50s and 60s today is the rain will pick up overnight into friday. showers and a possibility of
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snow. christmas day drive cold and breezy>> friday should be a nice and easy day.>> how much rain on diablo -- i mean snow. >> a dusting. >> you want to get up to 3000 feet there will be more snow. >> it looks beautiful. coming up it's another way for police officers to interact with members of the community. the east bay barbershop hosting cuts with cops. it turns out one illinois man was on the naughty list.
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the death toll is risen after tuesday's massive explosion near mexico city. the market was filled with shoppers that they bind fireworks to celebrate christmas and new year's when something touched off a chain reaction blast.
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you see the aftermath there. the scene is still dangerous and they are telling people to stay away as they try to find the cause of the blast. a state funeral held in moscow today for the russian ambassador sean killed while making a speech. the russian president vladimir putin was among those paying respect to 62-year-old andrei karlov. he was shot by an off-duty turkish police officer who shouted about russians involvement in the war in syria. where did learning new details about the death of actor alan thicke. the 69-year-old died from her ruptured aorta. he collapsed while playing ice hockey with his teenaged son. he later died at a burbank hospital. the funeral was held on monday in santa barbara. north carolina lawmakers failed to repeal the bathroom bill. they convened a special session
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to rescind the law that requires people to use a public restroom that matches the sex on their birth certificate. they tried to come to an agreement and the senate voted down the bill to appeal that law. the bill has led to boycott and prompted the nba to move the all-star game out of charlotte. a man dressed up as santa arrested in illinois after authorities discovered he was a wanted felon. the 26-year-old cody alexander betrayed santa as part of a holiday display in front of a real estate office. while children and their families lined up to have their picture taken but the sheriff deputy got a tip that he was wanted on a felony warrant. >> we received information from the marshall service that mr. alexander was in the area at one of our local businesses.>> alexander had a warrant out for his arrest for failing to appear at a december
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15 hearing on a felony mailed -- mail theft charge. they took it out of sight of the kids and then they arrested him. an employee of the real estate office then replaced him as santa.>> i'm glad they took him away from the kids before arresting him. 6:27 cooper's driverless cars are now off the streets of san francisco what the rideshare company is now doing after the dmv said it would help them obtain the proper permits. it's getting busier on the roads and in the air because of the holidays. we will tell you what to expect as far as the traffic goes. so far nothing major out there that there are some slowdowns. people are on the road. here's a look at north bound 101 busy as you drive into downtown san francisco. clear and little fog with
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the big news up in the sierra northern mountains with the winter storm warning starting tomorrow morning. more on that coming up.
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good morning. thanks for joining us morning sans 2. it's thursday. >> dave clark said he was looking forward to hanging out. -- and loungewear. most people can't picture him out of his seat. >> we will check in with steve. >> we do have clear skies here
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a teeny bit of fog but not too much. i want to get the message out that many of your heading north or east or two the mountains and if you are winter storm warning starts it four clock a.m. on friday. there will be some pretty good snowfall coming out of the northern mountains 30s for many . it's colder because we lost the cloud cover. sleepy hollow is a chilly 28 degrees. seven e. bay thames, 30s for some, dublin and 33, pittsburgh 42. rain at two las vegas, la and
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san diego. they will have rain today and that will kick out tomorrow. that's the main weather maker in southern california. 50s, upper 50s and 60s today and rain tomorrow. we're going to look at some of these commutes. i have some breaking traffic news. i'm reading it off the computer north bound 101 at central san rafael offramp there is a -- an injury accident and there may be a pedestrian involved. we will try to find out details. fire department and medics and it's reported as a vehicle versus pedestrian. this is north bound 101 at the central san rafael offramp the fire and medics are on the way. we will let you know. let's go
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take a look at some of what we have here on the east shore freeway west bound 80. that is backed up for a 20 minute delay. normally it's at least 30 minutes so we have a better commute longer east shore freeway as you drive down to the macarthur, when you get to the bay bridge there is a backup. you should factor 15 to 20 minute wait here especially if you don't drive this every day. going to the airport in san francisco and your driving their you have to factor in 20 minutes here to wait before you get onto the bridge before you drive through the area. give yourself extra time. let's go to the traffic here as we look at highway 101 in 380. driving on 101 to the airport looks pretty good. on the peninsula no significant backup. i should also tell you that if you're going to san jose airport or oakland airport we
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don't have delays on the roads getting there.@6:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you. if you're headed out to the airport today get ready for some big crowds. today, tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day for flyers this hardly different holiday season. the most ever will be traveling this week. >> it's picking up but it's still lighter than what we expected. if you take a look here, this is the line to check in here southwest and it looks like a lot of people that it's pretty normal because i have been here at this time before. it was even busier right before thanksgiving. we will see the picks up. three flights have been canceled and one was due to a security breach at lax.
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make sure because of cancellations or possible delays to check your flight before you arrive at san jose airport officials expect to see an 18% increase in passengers this holiday compared to last year. they protect the busiest day will be tomorrow, the day after christmas and the day after new year. as i mentioned there are long lines and they are moving pretty good they have volunteer ambassadors scattered throughout the airport to help people of questions and they're also carolers. there are even robots entertaining passengers. >> i get to go see my grandchildren. i will do whatever it takes. it's not bad. >> aaa estimates more than 103 million americans which is the most on record will travel
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during this holiday period. most of them are going to be driving and that is due to lower gas prices and rising incomes that we are seeing in the economy. busy on the roads and on the air just be prepared for extra people. check your flight status if you're flying, try to come early and make sure you bring your gifts unwrapped. we just saw a woman walking through the airport with a bag and three roles of wrapping paper because she thought of that ahead of time if you're coming to the airport, also keep in mind that the parking lot fills up quickly you can find all sorts of information online. let's talk about the carolers, there are actually chris -- christmas curlers there?>> i wish they were here in this terminal. they are behind the gates past security. >> they schedule them at
6:37 am
certain times.>> thank you. things are back to normal this morning at lax in los angeles last night there was a lot of frustrated travelers due to heavy traffic and flight delays but there were major traffic tieups outside the terminal and out on the tarmac's planes were left for hours after landing. according to the website almost every incoming flight was either delayed or diverted. >> we arrived at 4:07 and left it 6:37 we were on the tarmac for 2.5 hours>> you get so close and they do not open the door. more delays expected later today. lax blaming the delays on ongoing brain -- runway
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construction. we will have continuing coverage at all the airports and all the roads as people head out for the holidays. you can get real-time traffic and weather information on our ktvu mobile app. a south bay taxi driver is jailed on charges of sexually assaulting a passenger. authorities think there could be other victims. 30-year-old julio sanchez picked up a fair on october 29. the woman was coming out of a bar and a toxic -- and intoxicated. investigators say sanchez drove her to his home in san jose. >> it's very scary because you think you should be able to trust the cab driver. >> surveillance video helped identify sanchez who was caught last week by u.s. marshalls. a female acquaintance is coming forward accusing him of assaulting her. authorities are looking into his cab company checkered flag
6:39 am
yellow taxi. the man who answered the phone number listed on the company's facebook page says it was shut down last year. it's 6:39. the victim of the hit-and-run crash has died. the san mateo county sheriff department says the victim was a man in his 30s who died after was -- he was taken to the hospital. he was hit about 8:40 pm tuesday night while walking at the crosswalk. deputies say they are looking for a salt -- a small silver light colored car. a three-year-old boy may have to spend christmas in the hospital after he too was hit and a hit-and-run crash. it happened near the intersection of roehampton avenue in vancouver court. the boy was out with his grandparents and walk in the family dog. the dog ran out into the street and the boy darted out after it and he was struck by a car.>>
6:40 am
i heard the little kid yell my arm hurts it hurt me because i heard the grandma saying i feel like it's my fault>> the boy suffered head and face injuries cuts and bruises but the family says he's doing better. highway patrol is looking for silver sedan possibly a honda. they're looking for additional witnesses and for surveillance cameras in the area to try to find a car and driver. uber has pulled its fleet of driverless cars off san francisco streets and this comes after the dmv revoked the registration. the dmv says it uber needs the same special permits at 20 other companies have two test self driving vehicles uber has maintained that it doesn't need the permits to run the cars because there is a human attendant in the driver seat. the ride sharing service says it's committed to california
6:41 am
that is looking at where can possibly redeployed those cars the dmv issued a statement that said the department stands ready to assist uber in obtaining a permit as expeditiously as possible. the permit process could take as little as 72 hours per her entire life savings gone in a day. the bizarre home burglary under investigation targeting a san franciscan yoga instructor. caught on tape what one man was doing when his e- cigarette exploded in his pocket. we are looking at a commute in san rafael that's looking good. there is a crash involving a pedestrian but chp says it's on san rafael city streets and not on the freeway. we will tell you where that is and we'll take a look and other commutes coming up. clear and back to cold again with a lot of 30s by this time tomorrow we will be talking about rain.
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welcome back is 6:44. investigators in fairfield say they believe a drunk driver caused a head-on crash that killed two people early yesterday morning. this is cellphone video that shows an suv and a lincoln sedan inflames the gold samaritan was able to pull one man out of the suv that two people inside the
6:45 am
lincoln were not able to escape. the surviving driver is in the hospital with severe burns. investigators have not said which driver may have been under the influence. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a person who stabbed a man to death in oakland. the man's body was found in mosswood park across the street from kaiser hospital. police are trying to determine a motive this is the fourth hospital -- the fourth homicide at mosswood park this year. it is 6:44. san mateo police have released a sketch of a suspect in a shooting. witnesses describing the man as latino, 30 years old, 5 foot old, 5'6" weighing 140 pounds. a 24-year-old man was shot that is expected to survive. police also released surveillance photos from a parking lot, the gunman was
6:46 am
seen leaving in a green mercedes that had tinted rear windows and a paper license plate. anyone with information is urged to call police. an exploding e-cigarette caught on camera in fresno. a man riding a bus yesterday, watch when that sigrid explodes in his pocket setting off a fire on his leg. he said he felt the cigarette getting hot right before the explosion. the 53-year-old suffering minor burns. the battery likely malfunctioned. 6:46. sal castaneda, how is traffic? >> i told you last time about a prominent in san rafael and it turned out it's not on the freeway offramp i will show you 101 in central san rafael.
6:47 am
it does look pretty good. however off freeway city streets at second and erwin on the west side of 101 there is an auto pedestrian accident. the fire and police are handling this the freeway does not seem to be affected and traffic is okay for the most part. if you're driving in central san rafael area please give yourself extra time. this is a look at the commute at the bay bridge already beginning to get a little better than it was at 5:30 we're thinking it's another day of early traffic perhaps people trying to get to the airport and later on it will clear out. if you're driving to kastor valley from kastor valley to dublin there was an earlier accident on east bound 580 it's on the shoulder involving a motorcycle but the traffic is not affected. 6:47 and let's go to steve.
6:48 am
it's okay today but by this time tomorrow it will be raining and snow will be on the go in the northern mountains. it may take a little longer to get up to the sierra. by 4:00 a.m. friday intel 4:00 p.m. saturday. this looks like a pretty good event. everything coming out of the north including dry cold air. 30s on the thames. a lot more 30s that we saw yesterday. lots of rain down towards las vegas, phoenix, into flagstaff. that's a lot of rain. also back over to san diego, palm springs and los angeles. that is the biggest weather maker by far across the country. a little on the pacific
6:49 am
northwest in northeast but it's pretty good sailing. it's cold but it's better than three or four days ago. on the peninsula with site now 33, 36 loss altos, $0.48 carlos, san mateo 39. our system is coming out of the gulf of alaska so it looks like a pretty good snow event and friday looks like a rain day most of the day here and very cold air will work its way in friday night into saturday. if there's any available moisture we could get a testing on some of our highest peaks but there will be a lot of snow as he had up to the mountains rainfall will be great but it will be pretty good for us and that's a very cold and windy system. by the time we get to sunday it will be dry and cold with temperatures 40s.
6:50 am
today a lot of 50s from north to south. we are looking for rain to move in on friday and cold and showery on saturday. sunday looks good but not very warm. 6:50 some speeding drivers in florida pulled over by the grinch. what they were given instead of a ticket that may literally make them cry. but first, -- >> i'm unemployed so this came at the right time. >> a special holiday celebration for more than 1500 kids in richmond. the event making sure to have presence to open on christmas.
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welcome back. concord police are asking for help in identifying a man who may have hidden inside a sears store waiting for the store to close and stole over $200,000 worth of jewelry. surveillance images showing the suspect at the sears store at the sun valley mall. police say he stole 127 rings from a jewelry case. investigators say they believe the burglar head out friday night in a storage locker or room waiting for everyone to leave. and alarm set off on 2:30 am
6:54 am
saturday morning. and they believe the burglar may have hit while the police searched the store. employees saw the smashed jewelry case when they opened the store later that morning. a barbershop has become the focus for a new way for police to build bridges with the community. yesterday at masters barbershop played host to cuts for cut -- cuts for cops. the police departments are hiring. >> it's a good way to bridge the gap. who will pass up a free haircut ? and at the same time learn something that law enforcement.>> a lot of people took advantage and the police chief telling us he thought the event was a great way to meet the public and look for new recruits for his department. also happening today in san jose a lot of people in
6:55 am
need will be coming to sacred heart to pick up holiday gifts as the demand for donations continues. this year 6200 children are signed up to receive gifts. it's 200 more than last year. parents who have registered can shop for free for their children today and tomorrow. the nonprofit agency is still collecting toys. if you would like to donate you can go to the facility in san jose to drop off a gift. saint anthony's in san francisco is also still collecting donations they say their target of 500 hams and their continuing to receive drop-offs for food at the facility in golden gate avenue. saint anthony's is also accepting toiletries and toys. they will give out those items for christmas. tomorrow morning the annual last-minute
6:56 am
toy drive gets underway in san francisco. this year there is an extra day starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow they hope to collect more than 12,000 they hope to collect more than 12,002 ways. the toy drive runs until 11:00 p.m. on christmas eve you don't even have to get out of your car to drop off your toy. right in front of the restaurant there. some deserving children will have gifts under the christmas tree this year thanks to a bay area nonprofit>> do you know within the packages?>> no. >> more than 1500 children and their families lined up outside richmond civic center auditorium for holiday celebration yesterday. they were treated to a holiday show in each child received two presents.
6:57 am
in the true spirit of the holidays one young boy decided instead of keeping his gifts he will give them away. >> i was going to take my guess and give it to the fire department.>> the holiday party was sponsored by the bay area rescue mission which works for low income and homeless people.>> that young man has the spirit. the san francisco's mayor turned its back on the police rank-and-file. coming up next the reason the police union is upset about how the city's new chief was chosen. also a car crashed on an embankment overnight. we will tell you how the cell phone helped first responders locate the driver. zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment
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on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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new rules are in place today and, the changes that were approved saved by cell phone, had played a major role in the rescue of a driver after this accident overnight.
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good morning. taking a live look at the east shore freeway. along berkeley. very clouded -- crowded. keeping a close eye on the roads because it's going to start to be the holiday getaway. thursday, christmas eve on saturday, so starting to get crowded on the roads, as people leave. >> yes, over 100 million people will be going to grandma's house this weekend. >> yes, gas prices are down. more people are traveling. we do have janine at the airport. thank you for joining us. >> and good morning everyone. you know who is working all week long? that would be steve. he loves what he does. >> i do. happy holidays. we will be here tomorrow because that's when it will be raining.


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